FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )

FAQ about soft shop limited

What are registration terms?
People who are willing to shop from this must have to register with us because without this they will not be able to place the order. There are some general terms that are to be filled in the registration form like name, address and contact details. These are the things that are to be mentioned in the profile and the account will get created after submitting this successfully. Soft Shop Limited is the place where we allow you to shop as much as you want and these things are necessary for shipping purpose because we ensure timely delivery.

Is the quality perfect?
The products and the services that we offer to the customers are reliable and effective because our main motive is to satisfy the consumers completely and this is maintained all the time. The management of the company and the professional staff ensures that the products are checked and then they are dispatched to the users so that they do not face any type of issues in the future. Warranty cover is also available with the products therefore you do not have to worry about anything and there are different policies made by us for saving the normal interest of the people.

Is the staff qualified enough to deal with the customers?
We have a perfect staff that is talented and is able to deal with all the queries that are raised in front of them. Following are the qualities that make them special from all the aspects.

  1. There is a combination of graduate and post graduates and they all are well versed with communication skills and different languages. With this skill customers from around the globe can communicate with them easily.
  2. We are experienced people in this sector and we ensure that all the workers are trained according to the best standards.

What payments modes are available?
It is clear that we supply the services online and the transactions here require more safety. Therefore, we have selected some of the best gateways that are perfectly secure and they allow fast transactions as well. Now, the types that are available with us are online banking, payment apps and we accept cards as well. These are some prominent and easy options that can be managed by all the folks and this is secure as well. The people, can select any product and they also get offers that reduce the price or the product and there are some reward points that are also available for you.

How we can get updated?
This is not a big problem for us because we ensure that the notifications are sent to you as soon as the order gets placed. The information that is given by the users is also used by us so that we can update them about the new launches, product description and offers. However, we just use the information but we keep it safe so that it does not gets misused. These are the things that can handle the updates easily.   

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