Privacy Policy

Data protection

It is true that if there is a shopping platform then the users will buy things and we are very proactive about these things because the people who buy things from here also mention their personal information. This data is saved by the experts and it is ensured that it does not gets leaked. Soft Shop Limited and our security professionals will encrypt the data so that there are no issue with it.


The users who visit the site fill the order form and there all the information is mentioned and we collect this thing to provide better services. This process is termed as identification because every user has different identification ids and they are recognized with the help of this.

Usage of cookies

Here comes another point that is associated with the privacy terms because if a person uses cookies then the experience of using the site becomes better. The web browser places these cookies on the hard disk of the computer that they use and this helps us in keeping the records. However, the customers may or may not enable this option because it is optional.

Utilization of the information

Generally, we collect the information for usage but they must also know about the purposes of these things. Following are the usage terms of the information.

  • This information helps us to enhance the services and respond quickly on the requests that are made by the users. This information is generally used by the support team that deals with the queries of the people.
  • Another purpose for using the information is to personalize the stuff. In this process we gather an aggregate of the information that is provided by the user and this is for understanding the behavior of the user. It also helps us to learn about the way in which user uses our site.
  • After framing this this helps us to launch new contests and offers for the people so that they can avail the benefits.
  • Notification is also the thing that is mandatory for the users because they must know about our events. Therefore, we send emails to the users with the help of the information they provide us.

These are some reasons that states about all the plots and ways in which we use the information of the users and its security is maintained at all the levels.

We also have some privacy policies through the users can unsubscribe the periodic mails that are sent by us. All the details that are associated with subscription is mentioned at the end of the mail that is sent by us. The mails, contain the updates and the information about the product launches. However, this is completely dependent on the users. These are the privacy policies of our site and we ensure the customers that there are no loopholes in the services and the security measures. They can easily rely on us and avail all the services freely and we assure a new experience all the time.